Peter Valentino: Acting Coach, Voice Performance

Peter lives in the hollywood area and has toured with Neon Venus as guitar player, and background vocals gaining exposure with MTV. Here is a link from 2009 of Neon Venus:

He is very accessible for private training, and currently has several Meetup groups for the public. This next link with eventbright is an excellent way to try one of his classes:

Check out the interview posted on soundcloud with his inteview on KCLA with Peter!:

Hollywood Fringe Festival: Beginning June 3rd Through June 18th

Hollywood Fringe Fest Play Comes To LA

Talking with Angels: Budapest, 1943 Is An Astonishing Play About Hope and Humanity With Actress Shelley Mitchell Happening For The First Time At Hollywood Fringe Fest

Talking With Angeles, Budapest 1943 has been gaining fans from performances at Fringe Festivals around the world. Now, Los Angeles audiences will have a chance to see this uplifting and revealing play, adapted for the stage and marvelously performed by American born actress, Shelley Mitchell. Talking With Angeles, Budapest 1943 premieres at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival from June 3 to June 18. The true story tells how hundreds of women and children were saved by a group of four young Hungarians who met each week to find comfort and strength through their Nazi era, war torn lives. The group transcribed channeled messages believed to come from divine forces or angels who gave them hope, new direction and comfort. Based on a true story Shelley Mitchell brings these conversations to life. Recorded in the French best selling book titled, Talking With Angels, by Gitta Mallasz the play begins and ends with Shelley Mitchell as Gitta Mallasz, the only survivor of this group who was able to save hundreds of lives during the Holocaust. Shelley Mitchell’s tour de force performance is one that crackles with energy and spirituality, elevating audiences lucky enough to catch this performance. Talking With Angeles, Budapest 1943 is coming to The Hollywood Fringe Festival at The Dorie Theater in Hollywood Beginning June 3, 2017. Tickets & show times:


Below is a previw of the play given in a link of the trailer starring Shelly Mitchell.

Dates for Performances:
Hollywood Fringe Festival
At The Dorie Theater at The Complex Hollywood,
6476 Santa Monica Blvd, 90038
Box Office (323) 455-4585
Press Comps: Contact the production office,,
or phone (424) 209-9822.

June 3 @3:00 pm
June 8 @7:00 pm
June 10 @8:30 pm
June 11 @2:00 pm
June 13 @8:30 pm
June 16 @7:00 pm
June 18 @6:30 pm

Gigi Montrose Moto Couture : Women’s Motorcycle Fashion

Ginger Damone is the creative designer and the owner of the “Gigi Montrose” line that may be viewed on her website at: . The fashionable line is well designed for protection while riding on a motorcycle with special fabrics that she talks about in her interview aired on KCLA! You can listen to Ginger speak by clicking this soundcloud link:,

( Her interview begins at 8 minutes and 37 seconds ) She chats about the hollywood fashion lifestyle when working on Vogue Magazine sets as a hair and make up artist. Her high class lifestyle led her into the new challenge and design endevor of the Gigi Montrose line!

Up and coming events to meet Gigi and check out her line will be the California Moto Market on June 11th! If your interested in browsing womens’ motor cycle trends for the woman rider this event should be booked onto your calendar! This exciting event (that has a rumor of a ride before it starts) will be held at the Ducati Triumph Motor Cycle Show room in Newport Beach. If you have an inquires about the event please contact !

Please follow Ginger and her “Gigi Montrose” MotoSwaggy line on Twitter and like her posts at @GigiMntrose ! This is something to get excited about and let all the women rider’s know about her fab line in Los Angeles!

#International #Video on Demand #Eyeless In Gaza

Rent Eyeless in Gaza:

Eyeless In Gaza is a new documentary directed by award winning director MARTIN HIMIL.
This film shows how careful Israel was not wanting to target hospitals or civilian areas during the Gaza strikes from inside Palestinian controlled areas. The missile strikes that originated from civilian homes and HOSPITALS were directed at civilian centers inside Israel. That was a lie. This film shows exactly how the truth was covered up.
Truth in reporting is so important all over the world and especially now, this film is coming out at a time when we need to understand media bias.

ALSO CHECK: iTunes, Amazon, and Google for other means of Streaming Video on Demand!

New Application around Giving and Birthdays :)

Please listen to the interview aired on Kaliedoscope Radio Magazine with the CEO of the NEW and FUN application called Doppels! Matthew Hagger describes his genius application where you can find others that have downloaded the application and have your very own Birthday!  You can have a fantastic Birthday by sharing the day with those born on your special day!  You can find this on the App store and download it whenever you have the chance!  Follow doppels social media for current live music parties, and bring a donated gift!

Facebook: Doppels

Twitter: @doppelsapp

Instagram: @doppelsapp

Chloe Beach Boutique Beauty & Dry Bar : Maui

Hair and Make up by Chloe

If your visiting the lovely island of Maui you should definitely meet Chloe a native California Surfer that has a boutique on the beach!  Check out her website, , and see her fabulous prices!  You will see the store stocked with trendy jewelry pieces, hand made bikinis, and clothing.  She has hand made bathing suits, and interesting clothing pieces from the island of Maui that is heaven like to items from Los Angeles!  Please check her out on your next dream vacation to Maui!

PARIS FASHION WEEK! September 27th thru October 5th.

Paris Fashion Week Schedule

Above is the schedule for Paris Fashion week that will be bringing style once again new and refreshed to the world!  It’s time to start Hashtagging #PFW on instagram and amazingly downloading your inspirations into their instagram stream.  Make sure to watch it live streaming from this link:

Here is a link that was posted on regarding Street Fashion Style in Paris that contains Marvelous images behind the scenes style!


Pre-launch party for the International Burbank Film Festival!

Above is a link from the Kaliedesope Radio Magazine regarding the Burbank International Film Festival happening very soon!  September 7th thru September 11th, which screens at THE AMC 16 THEATERS in Burbank, CA.

Last night was their Pre-Launch Festival party where some cast and the Executive Producer from the Emmy Winning Bay Series attended, along with a huge amount of guests at LA studios.

Social Media Facebook:

Tickets may be purchased for the 2016 festival and awards:

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 10.16.01 PM

The web address with all the information about the films playing is (below)!